Washington DC Engagement Session Lincoln Memorial Multiracial
Washington DC Engagement Session Multiracial couple at Reflecting Pool

Besides their chemistry, (which is pretty incredible)...

I wanted to briefly touch on why Washington DC is such a wonderful spot for engagement photos! 

Washington DC is filled with iconic historic buildings, and while it may not be Paris, it does have its own kind of beauty. There are plenty of great monuments and memorials to use as backdrops that aren't too dark, which helps tremendously if you prefer a lighter look to your photos.

Sunrise Engagement Session at Lincoln Memorial Washington DC

Lincoln Memorial Entrance

The Landscaping and Green Spaces are carefully manicured and the reflecting pool is something you don’t see everywhere!

In the spring, D.C. is adorned with cherry blossoms, particularly around the Tidal Basin. If you love pink, you know where to go! For this session however, it was the middle of December so, I did add some color to a few select photos just to match Rebecca's dress.

Sunrise Engagement Session Winter Washington DC
Sunrise Engagement Session Luxury Photographer Reflecting Pools
Washington DC Engagement Session Luxury Multiracial Couple

If you don’t care for getting a permit and getting up close to specific monuments, you’re in luck. DC has a great street layout with wide avenues and boulevards, creating grand views of monuments from afar, especially the Capitol Building and National Mall. There are numerous museums, galleries and cultural institutions, if you choose an indoor photo location. 

Washington DC Engagement Session Capitol Building Multiracial Couple

Washington D.C. Capitol Building

And of course, the seasonal changes, without it being too hot or too cold. It’s situated on the East Coast of the United States, which means that it’s influenced by both maritime and continental air masses. Its proximity to the Atlantic Oceans helps moderate temperature extremes. 

Washington, D.C. is located at a moderate latitude, not too far north or south. This positioning contributes to a temperate climate, with less likelihood of extreme cold or heat. It's also not located at high elevation, which can have a significant impact on temperature, and areas at higher elevations tend to experience more extreme temperature variations.

Washington DC Engagement Session Reflecting Pool Multiracial Couple

reflecting pool at Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Washington DC Engagement Session Washington Monument Winter

reflecting pool at Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

All facts aside...

I wanted to give a special moment of appreciation for these two for several reasons - 

1) For bearing the freezing (0ºC weather) to get these photographs. They never once complained about how cold it was, instead, they maintained a cheerful demeanor, laughing their way through the entire experience.

2) Rebecca - you WIN at posting the most amount of photos from any session, ever. 

And 3) I’m convinced that from now on, forever sign me up for sunrise sessions, if that’s your dream.

Washington DC Engagement Session Capitol Building Multiracial Couple

Washington D.C. Capitol Building