The age old question... should we keep things traditional and only see each other once we walk down the aisle or should we do a first look before the ceremony?

I'll be honest with you - I DO recommend for my couples to do a first look. Here are 7 reasons why I think you should have one.

01. Great Warm Up

Having been a bride myself, I know exactly the type of nerves that build up just as you're about to walk down the aisle. The tension of everyone turning and looking at me, plus all the cameras and cellphones that are taking pictures all at once, plus me being a nervous wreck as it is - it all gets to be too much.

Now add to this list : seeing your groom for the first time. In front of everyone.

It can be a lot.

02. Your Precious Moment, Alone.

From the moment you wake up to the end of the day, you're completely surrounded by people. So far, every wedding day has looked something like this (cue the first list!)

Morning photos with the girls + getting makeup / hair done.

Parents and siblings then come in a try to sneak in a couple pictures with you.

This is followed by the ceremony + cocktail hour + group photos + reception right after that - people, friends, guests everywhere!

It seems that the whole day flies by and you don't get a separate moment alone with each other.

Which is why this is the perfect time for just that! Just a couple minutes alone makes all the difference.

03. Well... What did he think?

I need assurance from pretty much everyone. Especially my husband. 

And it’s almost guaranteed that if we wouldn’t have had a first look, I’d stand through the entire ceremony wondering what he thinks of me. 

If your fiancé is on the quieter side and not one to compliment you in front of an entire crowd of guests and family, you probably won’t hear his thoughts about you until way later. All his thoughts about your perfect dress that you spent so many hours searching for, the hair and makeup you had done, the completed look - I’d love to hear what he thinks! 

04. When can we talk?

If your wedding timeline is the traditional “morning photos, then ceremony, then cocktail hour, then reception,” then it’s pretty likely that you two won’t really have time to chat with each other until the wedding is about half way over. 

Imagine planning an entire wedding to marry the love of your life and not even get to speak to each other for the majority of the day! 

05. He's your Support.

You’ve seen him. You got to talk. You’ve got the jitters out of your system. He’s held your hand. 

And now you’re ready to conquer the aisle. You no longer have “cold feet” because he’s up there waiting for you, with a smile on his face. 

06. More time for portraits!

If your wedding is in the fall / winter seasons, and even early spring, daylight a huge concern! We hope for many great portraits but sometimes there just isn’t enough time with the sun. 

If you do a first look, your wedding portraits can be done at the beginning of the day! The benefits are - your hair/makeup are freshest, you’re not as tired, you just saw the love of your life, and there’s plenty of light! 

If you have friends and family coming from out of state (or just traveling from far), they’ll most likely want to chat with you during cocktail hour, take photos with you and make the most of their time. Having your bridal portraits done before the ceremony allows for that flexibility! You don’t have to worry about skipping out on your cocktail hour for some portraits because that’s already been done! 

07. Variety

If you’re like me and you love variety, you’ve gotta have a first look. 

Count it as another event, more photos, and more photo variety! You get to utilize more of the venue space, show off those gorgeous backdrops and have that romantic moment with your love. How sweet is that?

So what do you think?

Do you think that maybe it's worth having a first look? Or are you undecided?

Whatever your decision is, it'll be wonderful. Traditional is beautiful and change is also great.

I'll support you with every decision. And better yet - I'll make sure your photos are iconic.