The Experience

a note from aly

Four words - I'm dedicated to you. My mission is to make this part of your planning process the most enjoyable & most exciting!

And before jumping into big commitments, I personally like to know what the process will be like - what will happen when & how many steps there will be. Which is why, to make things easy, I've laid it all out for you below!

P.S. Wanna know a little secret? That little nervous feeling you have about being awkward on camera? Every. Single. Couple. on here felt the exact same way at first. I promise I'll never leave you two hanging. You'll get jaw-dropping ethereal images all while having the MOST amazing time.


Just because I'm the photographer doesn't mean I've never been in front of the camera, so trust me when I tell you that I know what it's like to be uncomfortable & awkward!

When shooting, I make sure that I get all the natural moments of you laughing & staring deeply into each other's eyes. As soon as I need to, I'll jump in & begin guiding you with poses, positions & cracking cheesy jokes to widen your smiles.


I'm cheery, adaptable & like to be flexible. Ask me & I'll be more than happy to create your wedding timeline, I'm always ready for a quick chat to figure out last minute details, or if we're at your reception & you suddenly want sunset photos - I'M IN!

I'm super chill & like to run with the flow so that nothing can phase us. Stress has no place in the fun we're about to have together, am I right?!

I'll be here for ya when you need that extra push or just someone to talk to. And as for the wedding day, always remember - I'm on your side. If grandma wants 50 photos with every grandchild, I'll do it to make sure she doesn't give you a hard time when I deliver the gallery.

Sooo, what's the booking process you may ask?

0.1 Inquire.

At this point, you've probably memorized all my photos on Instagram, checked me out on TheKnot & WeddingWire & have become my personal investigator, so you go ahead and submit your inquiry. Once I receive it, we'll have a brief chat about everything you want your package to include & select the package that is best for you.

0.2 Secure your Date.

We’ve talked about all the little details, you've asked all your burning questions, we've figured out locations, the timeline and whatnot for your day and you’re SO in! You decide I’m the lady for the job and officially book by paying a retainer fee and signing an agreement (a nicer way of saying 'contract')- & I’m officially your paparazzi! 

0.3 Plan.

From there we create a game plan, I personalize your very own timeline, secure details, make a list for your family photos, you tell me which family member I have to tickle so they smile for photos. We do one final call (a.k.a. pre-wedding call) to check over all the details a couple of weeks before and we’re ready to roll!

0.4 The Big Day!

Finally all the planning becomes real life & the day we've all been waiting is here!! Go enjoy yourself & get MARRIED!!

0.5 Photos.

A couple days after your GLAMOROUS big day, I'll send you a sneak preview (because I'd want to see my photos immediately too!)

Meanwhile, I continue working on the rest of the photos & in about 8 weeks, you'll receive the whole gallery. From there you'll relive your beautiful day once again and begin to print, share and post all about it because YOU’RE MARRIED!!

So what are you waiting for?!

I'm on the edge of my seat anticipating your email!

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