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My name is Aly, Wedding & Engagement Photographer based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My mission here is to create timeless, sincere, & warm-hearted images that you will fall in love with over and over again. 

Growing up, I’ve always wanted a profession where I could share my inner light and happiness with everyone. I quickly dove into medicine thinking that at the hospital I would be able to make all my patients physically stronger, and more emotionally uplifted. 

I soon realized that my main focus was drastically shifting from my medical job to my side hobby, photography. I knew I was needed here more. When you invest in my wedding photography, you’re investing not only in an experienced photographer with a great eye, but in the kind of creative direction and compositional instincts that will continually bring you back to your wedding day. 

With soft feels, gorgeous light and flattering poses I’ll be sure to captivate the luxury that embodies a truly magical wedding day.

My Mission

Wedding planning can be stressful as it is, so my personal promise is that I will make this process as smooth & stress-free as possible.

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I've fallen in love!

Photography used to just be a hobby - something I ran to after a bad day & something I always looked forward to. But after quitting my medical job in 2020 & doing photography full-time, I am confident this is what I was destined to do.

and I can't get up.

I still can't believe it but...

...I've also had the tremendous privilege of photographing Pennsylvania Senator Bartolotta & Judge DeWeese's wedding this past winter.


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Kind Words

Kind Words

“We made the best decision for our wedding when we went with Alyona to capture our special moments. She made the whole process a breeze. She guided us the whole time and made the process less intimidating and got us to laugh and have a good time!”