Newport, Rhode Island Engagement

For their engagement session, Joseph and Becca decided to go with Newport, Rhode Island. Newport offers a unique blend of stunning coastal scenery and historic architecture, creating a diverse range of picturesque backgrounds for your photos. From the pristine beaches and rocky shorelines to the grand mansions and charming streets, there's an abundance of visually appealing locations to choose from, ensuring your engagement photos will be both captivating and diverse.

These particular photos were taken at "40 Steps" Rhode Island which is a well-known coastal landmark in Newport. It offers a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, a great view of crashing waves, the ocean's beauty, and breathtaking coastal surroundings. The second part of their session took place behind Newport Beach House, which is where their wedding is to take place! Contrary to '40 Step's, here we were greeted with pure peace, serenity, natural beauty and tranquility.