Hi friend!

Looks like you've made it to my blog, so here's a big WELCOME! 👋🏻

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not much of a writer. In fact, 97% of the time my writing is composed of lists - they're so short and straight to the point, which is exactly what I like. This also means that you'll probably see many lists here.

I also don't really like to read, so you'll notice that my posts are going to be cut and dry 😉

But pictures?? Pictures I like. In fact, I like them so much that I quit my job to take pictures full-time.

Yep. You read that right!

In August of 2020, I left my job at the hospital to follow my heart and become a full-time photographer.

I surely had my doubts! For the last three years, I had been working as a Medical Assistant and loving my job! But, then COVID (this fabulous era..) hit and everything changed. The environment became very unfriendly and I felt like I wasn't where I needed to be. This was when I decided to drop everything - I left the hospital, dropped out of nursing school, and said "Adios!" to my scrubs and stethoscope. 🩺

I was able to convince my husband that I would have enough work as a photographer to continue working full-time. This was when I began changing everything about my business - from my website, to my cameras, to my photography style, and everything in between. I won't go into much detail today, since I want to keep this post nice and short, but, I did it 🙌🏻

.... and in 2021, I had the privilege of photographing 34 weddings!!

After having been at so many weddings, I've made some observations. Enough of them actually, for me to consider opening up my own blog.

But this isn't for me - I'm hoping that with this blog, I'll be able to help you out in making decisions for your big, beautiful day.

So, welcome to my little corner ❤️

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